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This position is responsible for updating agency protocol to reflect current PREA Standards as implemented.This position is supervised by the Executive Director.The Board of Director’s hires the Executive Director.President of the Board of Directors- Is responsible for being the principle executive officer of the corporation and for seeing that the affairs of the corporation are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws.Centre’s Human Resource Generalist or designee maintains a current, diagramed organizational chart with narrative descriptions by position.The organizational chart outlines the structure of authority, responsibility, and accountability of the facilities, programs, & company.This position is responsible for program admissions as well as program development.This position serves as the assigned location’s Prison Rape Elimination (PREA) Compliance Officer ensuring that the facility and programs adheres to all PREA standards governing community corrections.

This position hires, trains, and supervises the Human Resource Generalist, Specialist and Administrative Assistant.

This position hires, trains, and supervises the Director of Operations and Administrative Coordinator.

The Executive Director may delegate management of fiscal operations to the Director of Operations and/or Administrative Coordinator.

This position is supervised by the Program Director Program Manager-Residential- Is responsible for development and supervision of both residential and/or out-client/non-residential programs.

This position is also responsible for daily upkeep of the facility/physical plant, and grounds.

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